Iron On and Stick On Clothing Labels

In the hectic rush of a typical school day it’s all too easy for kids’ expensive jumpers, cardigans and sports-kit to go missing.

Iron On Name Labels

We’ve created a practical range of Iron On Clothing Name Labels to ensure that any item found under a school desk or chair is returned safely to its absent-minded owner.

It’s not just the cost of a new coat or jumper that’s such a bind – the hassle of replacing school compliant items is something we can all do without.

We’ve thoroughly road (and school) tested our iron-on labels to make sure they’re up to the job. Our clothing name labels are simple to apply with a normal, everyday iron. Each label takes less than a minute to attach, so a whole pile of school stuff is doable in a single ironing session. The labels even come with a special parchment sheet that helps you to create a permanent, long-lasting bond.

Our iron on clothing labels will stick to almost any fabric. The only materials they can’t handle are nylon and items with a Teflon coating – it’s non-stick! As always, we have a dazzling array of fonts and colour options for you to choose from.

Stick On Clothing Labels

Stick-a-Tag™ are the perfect way to label school uniform and other clothes.

Quick and easy to apply, there's no need to iron or sew. Simply peel 'n' stick onto the garment's satin wash care tag and that's that, done.

Independent laboratory tested, they'll stay stuck wash after wash.

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