Customisable Made In Britain Labels

Parading the red, white and blue of the United Kingdom flag, our ‘Made In’ stickers are perfect for marketing British-made products.

Wave the flag for jolly GB with these plucky Union Jack stickers. This iconic symbol is recognised across the world as a sign of quality and reliability. Many retailers find that adding the flag and ‘Made in Britain’ message to their product packaging actually helps to boost international sales and revenue.

The respected ‘Made in Great Britain’ slogan recalls our nation’s heritage and proud traditions. ‘Made in the UK’ is a little more snappy and optimistic. Simply choose your message to match your own individual product or service.

Our premium quality stickers are printed using the latest inks and equipment to deliver pin-sharp resolution and bright, lasting colours. We print on luxurious, long-lasting vinyl with a strong adhesive. These peel-and-stick promotional labels are exceptionally hardwearing and fully waterproof - indoors or out!

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